Personal Image Calendar

Calendars with your name personalized in an image

Desktop Calendar

Desktop calendar is great reminder on every desk. Personalized with your name in the pictures you will enjoy looking at the calendar every day. With it's 23cm x 11cm this is the nicest and best promotional eye catcher on every desk.
desktop calendar

Size:              297mm x 105mm
Pages:          13 leafs, 250gsm silk material
Backboards:  350gsm silk material
Finishing:       Wire-o bound

If you like to have this calendar then please have a look at our extended
picture database to make your own selection or choose our basic selection.

Our basic selection (our choice) has no additional costs.
If you want to make a selection from the database then additional costs apply.

Send a mail to with your company information, the pictures you like (or mark "basic selection"). We will then reply you with our offer.

Bespoke image Creation:
We can also take your own images and create the personalisation within them.
Additional charges will then apply per hour to complete.