Personal Image Calendar

Calendars with your name personalized in an image


Welcome to the Personal Image Calendar website!

Personal Image Calendars are the nicest variety of calendars which can be personalized with names. Attentive, practical and involved throughout the year.
The calendars can be ordered as of 50 pieces and can be shipped per address or
in bulk all over the world. Promotional personalized printing for you!

A personal gift to your customers or your personnel? A gift that makes you smile!

personal image calendar frank

How does it work?

  1. Make a choice of calendar variety in the products page.
  2. Select pictures from our database or choose the basic selection.
  3. Send an email with your company information, your selection and the quantities you need to .
  4. We will reply to you with our offer.
  5. Send us your confirmation and include the list of names in Excel/CSV file. 

On the right bottom of every calendar your logo will be printed including a one-liner
which makes it extra attentive.

Have a look at our extended picture database samples and experience the power
of picture personalization.

Interested in the nicest personalised calendar?
From 50 to 5 million pieces is no problem! Please send your inquiry to our email:
Our Personal Image Calendar line:

                    Birthday Calendar                                 Desktop Calendar
         Birthday calendar            Desktop calendar

                    Planner Calendar                                     Wall Calendar
         Planner calendar            Wall calendar

Eco Friendly PersonalImageCalendar? Of course!
The 100% environmentally friendly calendar leafs are made up of 80% recycled material and 20% FSC material (from sustainable forests.) With regards to the wiro binding on the environmentally friendly calendar, this is 100% biodegradable and is coated in corn oil.

PersonalImageCalendar offers a bookbinding wire coated with a ‘green’ polymer based on natural resources and characterised by bio-degradable features. Biodegradable book binding wire has the same technical properties as its polymer coated sibling Nylobind and is available in the same wide variety of colours. It is as durable as any other regular polymer coated wire, but decomposes completely when left in an industrial composting environment, leaving no toxic by-products behind.

An important difference between the wire-binding that we use and other similar products is that it does not just split into smaller pieces, it completely disintegrates in water and carbon dioxide (CO2), while the wire itself disolves in iron oxide. The amount of CO2 emitted by decomposing green polymers is the same as it has been absorbed by the plant of which the raw product was derived from in the first place, making it thus perfectly part of a closed natural cycle.